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    Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Ethiopian prime minister who helped end Eritrea standoff

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, 43, has initiated democratic reforms and sought to resolve conflicts in the region.

    Turkey Begins Syria Offensive, Targeting U.S.-Backed Kurds

    Turkey moved ahead with plans for a military operation in northeastern Syria, which a U.S.-backed Kurdish militia said would cause a “humanitarian catastrophe.” 

    Malaria could be wiped out by 2050, scientists say

    Deadly disease that claims 500,000 lives a year could be eradicated within decades.

    Malaria could be wiped out by 2050 with the right tools, funding and political willpower, scientists say.

    One of the world’s oldest diseases, malaria claims almost half a million lives each year – and there are over 200 million annual cases.

    Young children are most vulnerable to the disease, with under-fives accounting for 61 per cent of the deaths.

    U.S. Pastor Arrested in Rwanda Has Criticized Government for ‘Heathen Practices’

    The Rev. Gregg Schoof is one of several outspoken evangelical pastors who have criticized the Rwandan government for allowing access to abortion and birth control, and for teaching evolution.



    31st December Women’s Movement had no State funding – Nana Konadu

    Source: Ghana |Myjoyonline.com | Akyena Brantuo | benjamin.brantuo@myjoyonline.com

    Nigeria is seeking to recover as much as $62 billion from international oil companies, using a 2018 Supreme Court ruling the state says enables it to increase its share of income from production-sharing contracts.